CRISTINA “Vendemmia Tardiva”

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Cristina Vendemmia Tardiva

Elegant and enchanting. Cristina brings the name and picture of a woman. It's a wine to enjoy in the evening with a piece of chocolate, with cheese or foie gras, under candlelight.

Grape varieties: Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Traminer Aromatico, Sauvignon

Denomination: Vendemmia Tardiva "Cristina"

Production area: Valdadige Veronese

Harvesting method: the harvest is always done manually extra-ripe fruit

Vinification: in November wring their grapes with stalk. The alcoholic fermentation is carried out by yeasts used to high levels sugar and low temperatures.

Affinamento: vini/cristina-vendemmia-tardiva.feature.affinamento

Colour: bright gold

Scent: It is a persistent, intense, fine, elegant wine, with hints of peach, apricots, dried figs and dates.

Food pairings: it is perfect with fat, aromatic and tasty cheeses, as Pecorino, Grana and with cheese pudding. Very good with dry cakes especially if these are with caramel or chocolate, or with typical "Fregolotta" cake or with chocolate praline.

Bottle size: 0.375 L

Serving temp.: 10-14°C

Serving temperature:: 10-14°C

12% VOL

“Le selezioni”

The "Le Selezioni" line is dedicated to prestigious and exclusive wines such as Roeno "Il Vino del Fondatore", Rhine Riesling "Praecipuus"; and to the recovery of historic vines such as Enantio.

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