Enantio Riserva Terradeiforti DOC

Le Selezioni

Enantio Riserva Terradeiforti DOC - 1865 Pre-Fillossera

1865 represents the average age of the planted vineyards and therefore it seemed appropriate to us before symbolically raising this date in the name of this wine. The ungrafted vineyard, that is not grafted on American roots, the only ones to resist the terrible plague of phylloxera, are now rare on the planet and are the last testimony of a historical and authentic viticulture in the deepest sense of the term. As well as the Enantio vine, the true native flag of our territory, expresses the character, vigor and charm of this geographical patch on the border bet ween Veneto and Trentino.

Grape varieties: Enantio / Lambrusco a foglia frastagliata

Denomination: Enantio Terradeiforti DOC

Production area: Brentino Belluno (VR), mappale vigneti: Fg. 9 part. 00138 – Fg. 13 part. 00032

Harvesting method: Manual in little boxes with selection in the field, harvested on average between the end of october and the first week of november.

Vinification: The grapes are gently destemmed and crushed, then follows the alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel at controlled temperature between 27- 28°C; the maceration on the skins lasts about 3 weeks, at the end of which the malolactic fermentation takes place.

Affinamento: 24 months in large barrels after 8 months in stainless steel tanks; followed by a long aging in the bottle.

Colour: intense ruby red

Scent: olfactively reveals itself profound and articulated on spicy notes with prevalence towards black pepper and clove, accompanied by nuances of forest fruits, tobacco and licorice

Taste: powerful yet elegant in terms of taste, it has an extraordinary persistence, supported by a constantly evolving balance between acidity and tannins

Bottle size: 0.75 L

Serving temp.: 16-17 °C

Serving temperature:: 16-17 °C

14% VOL

“Le selezioni”

The "Le Selezioni" line is dedicated to prestigious and exclusive wines such as Roeno "Il Vino del Fondatore", Rhine Riesling "Praecipuus"; and to the recovery of historic vines such as Enantio.

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