Pinot Grigio Rìvoli

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Pinot Grigio Rìvoli

Over time we have experimented with various areas of vines in Pinot Grigio, but the Rìvoli area, located between the town of Affi and our headquarters in Brentino Belluno, has proved to be very suitable for the maximum expression of the vine. A real Cru, where we own several interesting parcels. The choice of a long refinement, as evidenced by the millennium output, adds further depth and articulation to a truly unique wine of its kind. Finally, we like to take up the short text on the back label, to underline another aspect of this new wine, borrowed from the different and extraordinary meanings contained in the word Rìvoli: "Alessandro, Mirko and Giuseppe, whose lives of life have joined in this great little project, dedicate this wine to all the holy drinkers."

Grape varieties: Pinot Grigio coming from the village of Rivoli

Harvesting method: manual with selection in the field.

Vinification: After a delicate destemming and pressing the alcoholic fermentation takes place, 80% in conditioned stainless steel containers, the remaining 20% in French oak tonneaux. The part in tonneaux also carries out malolactic fermentation

Affinamento: 10 months of finishing in thermally conditioned stainless steel containers and 4 months of aging in bottle

Colour: straw yellow

Scent: Fine and intense olfactory profile, where the fragrance of lemon peel, pear and white peach prevails. A Pinot Grigio of decided freshness, rich in facets, with a marked persistence and intensity given by the long finish and by the selection of grapes of individual parcels. A perfect balance of acidity and minerality give this wine a great harmony and elegance

Bottle size: 0.75 L

Serving temp.: 10-12°C

Serving temperature:: 10-12°C

13.5% VOL

“Le selezioni”

The "Le Selezioni" line is dedicated to prestigious and exclusive wines such as Roeno "Il Vino del Fondatore", Rhine Riesling "Praecipuus"; and to the recovery of historic vines such as Enantio.

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