Praecipuus Riesling Collezione

Le Selezioni

Riesling Renano “Collezione di Famiglia”

In some particularly excellent vintages we have made a careful selection of grapes, to try to further raise the bar; with the aim to produce a unique Riesling. We chose to call it "Collezione di Famiglia", as is the selection of the selections.

Grape varieties: Rhine Riesling

Harvesting method: hand-picking with selection in the vineyard

Vinification: the must obtained from grapes softly pressed and a short maceration is cooled, cleaned with decantation, and then sent to fermentation in stainless steel tanks thermo specially selected yeasts are used for the variety Riesling Institute of Geisenheim. The fermentation temperature is 16-17 degrees Celsius and lasts for about 25 days.

Colour: straw yellow

Scent: perfect varietal recognizability of Riesling, where prevails the peach fragrance and notes of hydrocarbons. The balance between the acidity and minerality combined with the softness of residual sweetness make this a unique wine that is harmonious and elegant.

Bottle size: 0.75 L

Serving temp.: 6-8°C

Serving temperature:: 6-8°C

11.5% VOL

“Le selezioni”

The "Le Selezioni" line is dedicated to prestigious and exclusive wines such as Roeno "Il Vino del Fondatore", Rhine Riesling "Praecipuus"; and to the recovery of historic vines such as Enantio.

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