Our Vineyards

A pearl set on the banks of the Adige river, between Monte Baldo and Lessinia. Welcome in our border land, welcome in Terradeiforti.

Cantina Roeno

The Terradeiforti runs in the middle of two mountain systems, which stand just beyond the vineyards: west Baldo Mountain separates it from Lake Garda while to the east the plateau of Lessinia lies in the Po Valley. A borderland between the Veneto and Trentino, where the vines with different characteristics are intertwined here to find their identity. In this land originate vineyards Roeno. The land in Terradeiforti is variable in every single plot, ranging from silt-sandy soils and in some places pebbles along the Adige river in soils rich in clay and limestone.

Outside the classification of Terradeiforti Doc, our vineyards extend up to the appellation of the Bardolino Doc, in the district of Affi overlooking Lake Garda, where the soil is sandy clay. Just outside the Terradeiforti Doc we have vineyards in the district of Caprino Veronese where soils are a mixture of clay and limestone. Further north, it widens in the province of Trento, and therefore comes in the specification of Trentino Doc.

We live and work in our land and we practice agriculture ethically attentive to the environment and eco-sustainability without embracing any trend or deployment. We perform green manure in our land and the treatments are practiced in mechanical / manual mode without the use of chemical herbicides.

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