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In the heart of the Valdadige, in Belluno Veronese there is a special place, a land of border between Veneto and Trentino called Terradeiforti, where the culture and traditions of the two regions have been handed down for generations by finding here a unique identity.

Vineyards and strong people as the land that generates them.

Our Story


Roberta, Cristina and Giuseppe together with Giuliana, the mother, carry on the project designed by the founder and dad, Rolando, who more than 50 years ago founded the winery Roeno dedicated to the production of local wines, preserving the traditions and hospitality handed down by their ancestors.

Ungrafted vines survived the phylloxera.

Ungrafted vines survived the phylloxera.

Our wines

Extreme attention to detail and deep respect of the vines.In the winery Roeno we think that wine must retain its characteristic aromas and flavors of grapes from which it comes.

The restaurant

Our passion in selecting the best raw materials, favoring those in our area. Our care to bring to the table from cheeses to the game, through the rabbit and fresh homemade pasta every day, healthy and wholesome.

Vineyards and strong people as the land that generates them

La Locanda

For lovers of a style of simple and relaxed life, Roeno offers not only wine and cuisine but also a bed to spend a relaxing holiday in contact with nature, surrounded by vineyards and mountains.

News and Awards

News and awards given to our wines. The news about Roeno, the events in which we participate and Articles. Testimonies that talk about us.

The landmark of a life


We don't forget the past to take on the future. Our wines come from a history of major milestones, these are the most significant.

Cantina Roeno

rolando rolando
enos enos

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