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Cookie Policy

This information regulates the use of cookies on

What are cookies?

Cookies are small strings of text sent to your browser by a web server and stored on your computer every time you visit a website.
In most browsers cookies are enabled by default, at the bottom of this text you can find information on how to change the settings of your browser regarding the storage of cookies on your computer.

Cookies are not harmful to you or to your computer or device. In the cookies generated by our site we do not store personal or profiling information, such as private details or payment methods, but we only use encrypted information collected with the aim of improving your stay on our site.

With this information we want to clarify the issue related to cookies, which is often misunderstood. If you want more information on this topic you can visit and

We therefore reserve the possibility to use cookies, with the user's consent if established by law, with the aim to make navigation on our site easier and more pleasant and to personalize the experience of our users. We also use similar systems for the purpose of collecting data and information on the use that users make of our site and on the habits of visitors, for statistical or security purposes, by recording data such as the IP address, the browser used and / or other web pages you visit.

Types of cookies

Here is a quick explanation of the types of cookies we use and how and why we do it.

Essential and navigation cookies

These cookies are used by users to move around our site and to use the features present. They are necessary to track the movements of the individual user in order to provide everyone with a service consistent with their habits and to give access to various areas of the site, such as reserved areas.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect information on users' habits on websites, such as which pages are visited most frequently. Their use is limited to the performance and improvement of our website. These cookies do not store identification data of individual users, but only aggregate and anonymous data. These cookies can be permanent or temporary, first or third party.

Functional cookies

These cookies allow us to keep track of the choices of users who they visit us (e.g. username or language).

These cookies can be used to provide services requested by the user, such as accessing a video or inserting a comment, or to prevent a given service previously offered and refused from being offered again to that user. The information used by these cookies is anonymous and it is not possible to track users' browsing on other sites other than ours. These cookies can be permanent or temporary, first or third party.

Advertising cookies

These cookies are used to manage advertisements and allow to show to users content in line with their needs. Advertising cookies are also used to manage advertising on our website. These cookies are placed by third parties, such as advertiser advertising companies, and can be permanent or temporary.

Other third party cookies

On some pages of our site content from third party services such as videos (YouTube for example) or services related to Social Networks (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) may have been included. We cannot control or limit the cookies used by these services, so we invite the user to inquire directly on the website of these third parties.

How can I disable cookies?

Most browsers are set up to accept cookies automatically, but it is possible to disable this function and limit, block and delete cookies. However, for a better user experience, we recommend not to disable the use of cookies. If you still intend to limit the use of cookies, below you will find detailed instructions for most browsers on the market:

Internet Explorer


Google Chrome



Safari iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

If your browser is not among those listed, you can use the "Help" function to find useful information to disable the use of cookies.

To disable analytical cookies and therefore prevent Google Analytics from collecting data you can download a small software and install it on your PC, it is an add-on browser for deactivating Google Analytics and you can find it on